Regular drywall construction

The range of the regular drywall construction contains for example partition walls, facing formwork, plastering,
panelling (also available for fire prevention), suspended blankets, acoustic ceiling, drying loft, acoustic insulation and thermal insulation. Also special shapings like round partition walls or curved ceilings are possible.

Furniture in dry mortarless construction

The background of this idea was to find solutions for persons, who don't want "normal" furnitures. A lot of different projects are realizable. For example we want to mention desktops, bookshelfs, landscaped interior and bathroom equipment. A lot of other projects like reception desks or beds are also imaginable. Special shapings and free-hanging objects are easy to realize, because special plasterboards are easily shapeable. Also projects for wet-rooms are realizable. Some further advantages of this constructions are for example the individual design, the possibility to use also small spaces and the option to change the color easily.

Lighting fixture covering in dry mortarless construction

These coverings are made by bending plasterboards. A lot of different shapes are possible. The structure and colour can be easily adapted to subsurface. It's also possible to change the colour anytime again just by painting.

example of planning