As construction material we primary use plasterboards and whole systems of the company 
Rigips®. In the following we want to explain the caracteristics and the advantages of the mentioned material. If you need detailed information or professional advice you can contact us as well.

Features of plasterboards are:

They are environmentally friendly:
Rigips® plasterboards have a cardboard coating and plaster as the nucleus. Plaster is odour-free and there are no harmful substances in it.

They regulate the indoor climate:
Plasterboards have a high ratio of macro pores. So they can absorb high air humidity and emit it again when the air is dryer.

They are fireproof:
Plaster contains a water amount of about 20%. So you can use them for fire prevention.

They make you feel comfortable:
Plaster has a small heat conductance. People sense such materials as cosy.

Advantages of 
Rigips® systems are:

They are cost-saving and time-saving.

They are heat-insulating.

They are sound-absorbing.

They are loadable.